Fold away bed in a modern room

Fold away beds are a pretty rare sight to see these days outside of a hotel, but they have plenty of good uses even when you aren’t rolling a bed around to different rooms. There are a lot of good reasons why you should have a foldaway bed somewhere in your house, and having them for every room in the house isn’t always such a bad idea. There are many good reasons why you should own a fold away bed and plenty of good places to get one so that you can have more room in your home.

Saves on space

The best reason to use fold away beds is so that you can save on space in your rooms. Whether the bed folds up into the wall or you fold it up and throw it in the corner, it saves a lot more space than just having a bed sitting out in the middle of the room completely unoccupied. It doesn’t take too long to set up and take down a fold away bed, so using a fold away bed daily isn’t that bad, and if you are already pretty low on space, swapping to a fold away bed will give you lots more room for activities in your bedroom.

You don’t have to make your bed every morning

Using a fold away bed means that you don’t have to make your bed every morning. Normally making your bed takes a few minutes, but if you are using fold away beds, then it doesn’t have to take more than a minute to make your bed in the morning. Just fold it up and you’re good! It might be a little messy when you put the bed back up, but you would have to remake it regardless. Saving just a little bit of time in the mornings makes using fold away beds worth it.

They are easy to install

fold away beds

Whether you are going with a roll-away bed or a fold away bed that folds into the wall, you will have to do a little bit of installation. Making a bed that goes into the wall is a lot more work than just going with a roll-away bed, but it saves on space and looks a lot better than having a roll-away bed sitting there. Making your own headboard and wall to put a fold away bed into is much easier than you might have thought. Many older houses and apartments have a wall built into them that allow you to throw a fold away bed into them, but making your own doesn’t take that much time if you prepare for it and get everything ready beforehand. Making sure that you have the proper tools and materials is a big plus. If you buy a kit to install your own fold away bed, then that makes the job a lot easier.

They are easy to move

If you use a roll-away fold away bed, then it is much easier to move around than a regular bed. Using fold away beds that are easy to move can make reorganizing and rearranging your house a lot simpler and can make redecorating your house a lot easier. Being able to move beds from one room to another makes life a lot easier when you have guests staying the night. If they have small children that can share a room then having a fold away bed that can roll will greatly improve the quality of life for those that are staying with you and can take away a lot of the stress of having people stay the night.