Beautician prepares client for microbladed brows

Microbladed eyebrows have become more and more popular with the majority of women going to get a piece of the coveted treatment. If you are on the “brow-se” for brows to frame your face well you will be happy to find that this session will provide you with the best look you ever had the pleasure of having. Microbladed eyebrows are a staple in the beauty world, as more women opt to get the treatment to give them a look that definitely makes a statement. In need of a much more defined look for your eyes, these microbladed eyebrows will be sure to impress your gal pals. Also, with proper aftercare for microbladed brows, you sure will achieve the best look possible.

What does microbladed eyebrows entail?

Microblading involves creating a semi-permanent tattoo using a microblade. Before you start the treatment, the beautician will first plan out the outline of your eyebrows. Making sure it looks close to reality, the microblading cosmetician will find the best pigment that suits the natural colour of your eyebrows. They will numb the eyebrows, creating strokes using the ink to copy the look of hair strands on the skin to make sure it aligns with your skin tone. What comes out of the treatment is eyebrows that don’t look like they’ve been worked on. You can have much more bolder brows with the help of this microbladed eyebrows treatment. This treatment does not take too long with your brows dyed within a snap, giving you the luscious look that is long lasting.

Why should you get microbladed eyebrows?

woman with microbladed brows

Microbladed eyebrows are the ultimate treatment to give you a bold, defined, and alluring appearance for your face. Our cosmeticians work to craft your eyebrows to perfect giving you the best brows you have ever seen for yourself. They are incredibly long lasting with these brows staying on your face for a maximum of three years. Such strong staying power! With the help of this treatment to get microbladed eyebrows, this can speed up the length of your make-up routine – making sure you are ready and out the door within minutes. Have some extra time in the morning to catch up on sleep with the help of this treatment. In addition to helping you save time, you will also save money as there is a huge cost behind buying eyebrow treatments from eye brow gels, powders, pomades, and pencils. With this treatment, you will not have to worry about buying these products for years as your brows will be fresh for a long time. There is more than one option choose from with eyebrows looking to suit every individual depending on your preference. One way you can do this is through the ombre brow powder, which creates a fluctuating gradient of texture to look bold in the middle and fading out at the tail. By getting microbladed eyebrows, you can be confident your face will be looking absolutely fresh, ready to take out on the town.

The main takeaway

Microbladed eyebrows are a beauty trend that is not going anywhere in the cosmetic world. Women everywhere are on the “brow-se” for a brow treatment that is simple, durable, and actually works. You can expect a look that not only fits the vibe check but is a cheap and time-efficient solution, making sure you brows are on point every single day. This is a highly pivotal beauty treatment to add to your self-care ritual. Here you will have brows that won’t frown anymore.