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When you hire a catering business, there is an abundance of packages to choose from depending on the kind of event you are trying to make. At IQ Catering, we provide high-end and premium quality catering services Australia has never seen before. We serve guests, catering to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Whether you have a home party, a bbq, to a birthday, we are able to offer multiple packages based on your personal preference. Here is what to expect from trusted Melbourne catering services, depending on the type of event you are managing.

Here is the lowdown on platter catering in Melbourne:

Home Party 

We all know it is important to make a good first impression – especially when it comes to a housewarming party. You are introducing your friends, family, loved ones, and acquaintances, the abode you have chosen to call your own. With that not only comes the quality of the house, but it also comes with the food too. In comes home party catering. With the help of a home party catering professional, you can be confident that your menu will make your guest salivate but improve the atmosphere of your house setting. IQ Catering recommends our private home-style options, which include cannelloni, frittata, lasagna, and quiche.

BBQ Family Event 

Is it Australia day? A nice hot day in the midst of Summer? If you’ve got a hopping BBQ family event to make, hiring BBQ Catering with Melbourne’s finest will sure to make you the family favourite. BBQ may seem like a simple task, but what you’re left with is missing out on the right quantities for your family, needing a variety of meats to prepare, and the intense clean-up of your bbq cooker. You won’t have to struggle with these debacles anymore, as BBQ catering works to speed up the process and, overall, ensure you have delicious and delectable meats to pass around at the barbie. We offer an extensive number of barbecue packages such as the brekkie option, backyard, and grill. You can even customize your own BBQ. For all you vegetarians and vegans, we have an impressive selection of salads to choose from, such as a Caesar salad, potato salad, Thai noodle salad, and a whole lot more. You won’t have to put on a shrimp on the barbie with the help of our catering services.  

Birthday Party 

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Want to celebrate the big old day but without the hassle of the meal prep? There are many other areas to have to think about, including the guests, decorations, RSVPs, and many other aspects. You don’t want to have to spend time gathering the ingredients, cooking the meal, making sure it is arranged well and cleaned up afterward. With the help of catering for birthday, you will see that your party will be hopping as your food is incredibly prepared, cooked, and served. We provide an abundance of options, including buffet, BBQ, to even desserts, to make sure you are locked and loaded for any kind of birthday party you have in mind. Depending on your personal preference, we can “cater” to your specific needs.

The Takeaway 

IQ Catering provides the best and deluxe catering services Australia has to offer. We “cater” to a range of events such as a home party, birthday party, and barbecue. We have a variety of packages depending on the type of party and personal preference from your event theme. Depending on people’s allergies and dietary requirements, we offer a variety of different packages to suit all your guests. Here is a service that has a high IQ for sure.