British sweets

There are debates since the dawn of time regarding why British sweets are better than the rest. England has given the world many gifts over the years of a sweet and tasty variety. I have often wondered why tasty British sweets were so popular and well-known when the country is smaller than most on a map. It turns out there are a few incredulous reasons why the regal nation is so good at making tasty treats and why we should be thanking them for their service to our tastebuds.

1.     British Sweets have more of the natural goodness!

We all see the phrase ‘milk chocolate’ bandied about on the wrappers of candies everywhere, all of them claiming to have real milk chocolate layered through. Well, this is true…to a point. Turns out places like the USA have a minimum requirement of only 10% ‘real’ cocoa to be classified as ‘milk chocolate’. 10%, no wonder it’s so bitter. England invented Dairy Milk after all and being such a compact nation, has dairy farms everywhere. So that means that fresh milk and 20% cocoa go into their recipes which is why they taste far better than their overseas counterparts. There’s a reason it melts a little faster, it’s because it’s got all the deliciously decadent ingredients fresh from the farmer to the wrapper. A moment of gratitude to the grand nation for all the real dairy that resides in afBritish sweets.

2.     They invented the candy bar!

Yes, British sweets may not have been the first sugary snack in existence. However, respect where respect is due, in 1847 Mr Joseph Fry decided to take the cocoa liquid that was popular around Spain and with ancient Aztecs and formulate the very first candy bar. Before Joseph Fry, no one had thought about snacking on a chocolate bar, cheers to you Mr Fry, and to the British Sweets themselves. They may have not been invented in merry ol’ England, but they certainly perfected them. I don’t even have to stray too far to entice you further, they invented the Cadbury Milk Tray which has saved many, many last-minute valentine’s gifts. They also took care of making us salivate at the thought of a Cadbury Crème Egg, yes British sweets have given us many good reasons to treat ourselves.

3.     Two and a half words – Pick n’ Mix.

I forget how many British sweets I have consumed without realizing in my younger days. Who hasn’t finished school and snacked on a red cloud, a green and gold pineapple or the coveted strawberry ear? The ecstatic excitement of going to the pick n’ mix at my local supermarket is another reason why British sweets are in the top echelon of quality and nostalgia. Without the regal nation we would not have the after-school rush to grab the good ones before they were gone, or trading them off for a better seat on the school bus. The pick n’ mix is all around the globe of course, but with not nearly the same amount of variety, British sweets have a certain type of chewy goodness that no one can compete with.

These are but a few reasons to thank the land of kings and queens for their delightful contribution to the world of treats, they may have colonised the world, but to candy lovers, they colonised our hearts as well. Throughout the last year of lockdowns and anxiety, the warm embrace that came from the crunchy and tasty bars of comfort will not be forgotten. British sweets, we salute you.