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The skincare industry has had a major change in the past decade, with the increased awareness of ethical dilemmas that have plagued the industry for many years. Many companies that provide organic beauty products like Divine Baby have taken the correct approach in adapting with the changes in the landscape – while some others have been slower on the uptake. From larger international brands to local sources, there has never been a larger variety of organic beauty products in Australia, and never has your choice made more of an impact than ever before.

The adage goes that you vote with your wallet – with practices of inhumane treatment and exploitation running rife in the industry, it seems that we all have a part to play in the landscape that is forming, one aspect resides in the choice of organic beauty products in Australia that we choose to purchase and support.

We thought we’d make it easier to make an informed decision and give you our picks for the 4 assurances you should have when deciding on organic beauty products in Australia.

1.   Ethical Sources

This is right up on top of the food chain when it comes to the debate surrounding the skincare industry in the last few years. With organic beauty products in Australia, there is no greater assurance you can find than with the ethical sourcing of ingredients being used. This not only gives your mind a slight collective easing, in the long run, it also ensures that the companies you’re giving your money to are in turn not garnering this profit from unethical sources.

With organic beauty products in Australia there is a heavy focus on the natural aspect of the sources and more often than not there will be a declaration of some kind on the label that will determine the source of the ingredients and oils that composite the purchase. Once you’ve done a bit of research and checked the sources, you’ll feel a lot better giving a particular company your business.

2.   No Animal Testing

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Another major aspect for the skincare revolution that is being observed resides in organic beauty products in Australia and their potentiality for animal testing. There really have been several studies debunking this practice being in any way effectual. However, you’ll still find some companies utilising the archaic method for reasons that escape us.

There are several foundations that check the validity of a company claim with PETA being one of the main sources of information that is reliable. So, when you’re looking at organic beauty products in Australia and wish to really determine the validity of their cruelty-free claim, then PETA would be a first stop for us.

3.   Safe Ingredients

You’re going to have to get some reading glasses for this one – it is certainly well worth it in the long run for garnering an essential assurance with organic beauty products in Australia. When looking at the labels of your prospective purchases, it’s a good idea to have a clear and concise understanding of the ingredients on the long list. This typically involves a little but of homework to determine the safer-sounding ingredients from the nasties that are used to cut manufacturing costs but can be dangerous later on.

When it comes to organic beauty products in Australia, it always helps to have a good understanding of the good and the bad so that you can always make an informed decision. There are always ways you can double or even triple check your decisions by trusting a few of the larger watchdog websites that keep up to date info as well as keeping your own steady eye on organic beauty products in Australia.