Beauty products with bare blends wpi

The skincare industry has had a major change in the past decade, with the increased awareness of ethical dilemmas that have plagued the industry for many years. Many companies that provide organic beauty products like Divine Baby have taken the correct approach in adapting with the changes in the landscape – while some others have been slower on the uptake. From larger international brands to local sources, there has never been a larger variety of organic beauty products in Australia, and never has your choice made more of an impact than ever before.

The adage goes that you vote with your wallet – with practices of inhumane treatment and exploitation running rife in the industry, it seems that we all have a part to play in the landscape that is forming, one aspect resides in the choice of organic beauty products in Australia that we choose to purchase and support.

We thought we’d make it easier to make an informed decision and give you our picks for the 4 assurances you should have when deciding on organic beauty products in Australia.

1.   Ethical Sources

This is right up on top of the food chain when it comes to the debate surrounding the skincare industry in the last few years. With organic beauty products in Australia, there is no greater assurance you can find than with the ethical sourcing of ingredients being used. This not only gives your mind a slight collective easing, in the long run, it also ensures that the companies you’re giving your money to are in turn not garnering this profit from unethical sources.

With organic beauty products in Australia there is a heavy focus on the natural aspect of the sources and more often than not there will be a declaration of some kind on the label that will determine the source of the ingredients and oils that composite the purchase. Once you’ve done a bit of research and checked the sources, you’ll feel a lot better giving a particular company your business.

2.   No Animal Testing

Woman with beauty mask on the face

Another major aspect for the skincare revolution that is being observed resides in organic beauty products in Australia and their potentiality for animal testing. There really have been several studies debunking this practice being in any way effectual. However, you’ll still find some companies utilising the archaic method for reasons that escape us.

There are several foundations that check the validity of a company claim with PETA being one of the main sources of information that is reliable. So, when you’re looking at organic beauty products in Australia and wish to really determine the validity of their cruelty-free claim, then PETA would be a first stop for us.

3.   Safe Ingredients

You’re going to have to get some reading glasses for this one – it is certainly well worth it in the long run for garnering an essential assurance with organic beauty products in Australia. When looking at the labels of your prospective purchases, it’s a good idea to have a clear and concise understanding of the ingredients on the long list. This typically involves a little but of homework to determine the safer-sounding ingredients from the nasties that are used to cut manufacturing costs but can be dangerous later on.

When it comes to organic beauty products in Australia, it always helps to have a good understanding of the good and the bad so that you can always make an informed decision. There are always ways you can double or even triple check your decisions by trusting a few of the larger watchdog websites that keep up to date info as well as keeping your own steady eye on organic beauty products in Australia.



Cosmetologist doing an eyebrow tattoo Sydney procedure

Eyebrow tattoo in Sydney is the perfect solution to all your eyebrow worries. There are a vast amount of benefits to getting an eyebrow tattoo, such as enhancing your brow shape naturally, durable, painless procedure, quick healing, and cut your makeup routine in half. Whether you have thin or thick brows, you could benefit from getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney done. By doing a single session, you can be sure you get the best eyebrow tattoo Sydney has to offer. In this article, we will look at the advantages of having an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney. Here’s a treatment that you tat(too) will love.

Here are the many benefits of getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney 

It gives you a naturally thicker eyebrow

Eyebrow makeup that is obvious can make you look tacky. Getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney can enhance the overall look of your eyebrows without it being overly done. The end result can show a naturally shaped look that is perfectly sculpted. Our talented team of beauticians can provide you with full and luscious eyebrows that look like no work was done. This is an effortless look to frame your face well.

Brows that are long-lasting 

If you’re looking for a more permanent resolution to your eyebrow worries, an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney may just be your best option. You will not have to worry about attending regular sessions as it can last up to 2-3 years for them to lose their lustre.

Woman showing her eyebrow tattooThe procedure is pain-free 

You would imagine that someone working on your eyebrows would be a painful process. However, you will not need to apply a single drop of a topical numbing cream as the treatment is completely painless. There may be a subtle sensation; however, it is nothing too extreme. If you do experience pain, numbing cream should do the trick.

Makeup that makes up for lost time 

Doing your makeup on the daily can be a hassle as it would require you to get up earlier just to do your look. By getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney, you can be sure that your makeup routine will be much speedier, letting you sleep in a little longer. This way, you’ll also get to save money, not having to spend a lot of expenditure on eyebrow products for a whole year. You’ll always have brows that are ready to go making sure your look is always on point.

Speedy healing time 

You can expect quick healing time an appointment to get an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney. On average, it takes around a fortnight to one month for your eyebrows to heal completely. It is highly significant that if you were to get an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney that you keep away from the sun, harsh chemicals, chlorine, and scrubs. These factors can delay the healing process and potentially ruin the ink before it settles. Don’t be scared if the brows peel as that you on your way to new and gorgeous brows.

Getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney is highly beneficial to any lady or man in need of a touch-up to help frame their face a lot smoother. There are many advantages such as quick healing after the session, faster makeup routine, pain-free procedure, thick brows for a long time, and enhances your brows to look naturally thicker. You can expect that you will have gorgeous brows that will make your friends turn green with envy. You don’t have to “brow-se” any further as this treatment is the best service to tend to your brows.


Fold away bed in a modern room

Fold away beds are a pretty rare sight to see these days outside of a hotel, but they have plenty of good uses even when you aren’t rolling a bed around to different rooms. There are a lot of good reasons why you should have a foldaway bed somewhere in your house, and having them for every room in the house isn’t always such a bad idea. There are many good reasons why you should own a fold away bed and plenty of good places to get one so that you can have more room in your home.

Saves on space

The best reason to use fold away beds is so that you can save on space in your rooms. Whether the bed folds up into the wall or you fold it up and throw it in the corner, it saves a lot more space than just having a bed sitting out in the middle of the room completely unoccupied. It doesn’t take too long to set up and take down a fold away bed, so using a fold away bed daily isn’t that bad, and if you are already pretty low on space, swapping to a fold away bed will give you lots more room for activities in your bedroom.

You don’t have to make your bed every morning

Using a fold away bed means that you don’t have to make your bed every morning. Normally making your bed takes a few minutes, but if you are using fold away beds, then it doesn’t have to take more than a minute to make your bed in the morning. Just fold it up and you’re good! It might be a little messy when you put the bed back up, but you would have to remake it regardless. Saving just a little bit of time in the mornings makes using fold away beds worth it.

They are easy to install

fold away beds

Whether you are going with a roll-away bed or a fold away bed that folds into the wall, you will have to do a little bit of installation. Making a bed that goes into the wall is a lot more work than just going with a roll-away bed, but it saves on space and looks a lot better than having a roll-away bed sitting there. Making your own headboard and wall to put a fold away bed into is much easier than you might have thought. Many older houses and apartments have a wall built into them that allow you to throw a fold away bed into them, but making your own doesn’t take that much time if you prepare for it and get everything ready beforehand. Making sure that you have the proper tools and materials is a big plus. If you buy a kit to install your own fold away bed, then that makes the job a lot easier.

They are easy to move

If you use a roll-away fold away bed, then it is much easier to move around than a regular bed. Using fold away beds that are easy to move can make reorganizing and rearranging your house a lot simpler and can make redecorating your house a lot easier. Being able to move beds from one room to another makes life a lot easier when you have guests staying the night. If they have small children that can share a room then having a fold away bed that can roll will greatly improve the quality of life for those that are staying with you and can take away a lot of the stress of having people stay the night.

Sexy woman wearing designer swimsuits

Depending on the past experiences of some women, seeking out quality designer swimsuits can be a real hassle. Not only do the product lines alternate season on season, but the materials and the fitting process can stretch out for days and weeks on end. That level of frustration is not lost on customers who just want to be able to have an easy-to-manage program that works in their favour. Fortunately, there are some solutions to be found in this regard, but it will require a degree of reflection and research that allows consumers to bypass those problems that arise time and time again.

Thinking About Swimsuit Lifestyle

Designer swimsuits come in a wide array of fabrics and materials. The bikini lines that are often made for casual wear purposes are manufactured with nylon and polyester brands while the Lycra and spandex editions are regularly developed for sports activities in and out of the water. To make this an easy to manage exercise, it is important to think about what type of activities will be used and in what settings, pointing towards styles that are mostly for show or for physical endeavours.

Colour Schemes That Speak To The Shopper

If designer swimsuits don’t speak to the user according to their style and their swagger, then they aren’t worth worrying about. This is where the colour scheme and pattern have to be front and centre for any customer, giving them the chance to adopt an attire that works for their unique tastes. Participants should reflect on what they already have in their wardrobe and what feels right when they examine warm, neutral and cool colour tones displayed from these suppliers.

Size Dynamics

Making designer swimsuits easy to manage can only be achieved for women when they know 100% with clarity the size dynamics of their purchases. This can be tricky for the one-piece fittings because the top and bottom half measurements are likely to fluctuate and not meet a standard formula. If there are other swimsuits and clothing pieces that are a spot on fit for top and bottom halves, it is essential to have that information listed down before approaching these stores.

Filtering By Price

Trying to avoid hassles and complications with designer swimsuits is about having a definitive target on the price of the product. From the deluxe editions that are in the $500 bracket and beyond to the more modest $100-$200 pieces and the affordable options below the $100 threshold, these are the markers that shoppers have to set ahead of time. If they allow the brand to market anything and everything before their eyes, then the budget can be blown out of proportion.

Marketing Impressions

Even if women are not interested in buying designer swimsuits, they will be exposed to dozens and dozens of marketing materials from brands who are trying to infiltrate the market. This is where social media posts, magazine features, posters and other materials are worth studying, seeing if the design is something that speaks to their interests. If they can see that product on them for the summer season, then it is worth examining in more detail.

Trying The Item On!

Two women flexing their designer swimsuits

Unless shoppers are exclusively based online and are not in a position to get a tangible feel for the product in person, then it is always beneficial to walk into a store and try these goods out via the changing room. This is where a number of elements will be covered at once, helping to certify the size dynamics, reflecting on the colour scheme and determining if the fabric is suitable for the lifestyle.

The trick with making purchases of designer swimsuits easy to manage is doing the research and endeavour early without having to repeat any steps. Once shoppers filter out those suppliers who fall short of those standards, then they have a clear path to a swimsuit investment that is custom made for their summer season activities.

Beautician prepares client for microbladed brows

Microbladed eyebrows have become more and more popular with the majority of women going to get a piece of the coveted treatment. If you are on the “brow-se” for brows to frame your face well you will be happy to find that this session will provide you with the best look you ever had the pleasure of having. Microbladed eyebrows are a staple in the beauty world, as more women opt to get the treatment to give them a look that definitely makes a statement. In need of a much more defined look for your eyes, these microbladed eyebrows will be sure to impress your gal pals. Also, with proper aftercare for microbladed brows, you sure will achieve the best look possible.

What does microbladed eyebrows entail?

Microblading involves creating a semi-permanent tattoo using a microblade. Before you start the treatment, the beautician will first plan out the outline of your eyebrows. Making sure it looks close to reality, the microblading cosmetician will find the best pigment that suits the natural colour of your eyebrows. They will numb the eyebrows, creating strokes using the ink to copy the look of hair strands on the skin to make sure it aligns with your skin tone. What comes out of the treatment is eyebrows that don’t look like they’ve been worked on. You can have much more bolder brows with the help of this microbladed eyebrows treatment. This treatment does not take too long with your brows dyed within a snap, giving you the luscious look that is long lasting.

Why should you get microbladed eyebrows?

woman with microbladed brows

Microbladed eyebrows are the ultimate treatment to give you a bold, defined, and alluring appearance for your face. Our cosmeticians work to craft your eyebrows to perfect giving you the best brows you have ever seen for yourself. They are incredibly long lasting with these brows staying on your face for a maximum of three years. Such strong staying power! With the help of this treatment to get microbladed eyebrows, this can speed up the length of your make-up routine – making sure you are ready and out the door within minutes. Have some extra time in the morning to catch up on sleep with the help of this treatment. In addition to helping you save time, you will also save money as there is a huge cost behind buying eyebrow treatments from eye brow gels, powders, pomades, and pencils. With this treatment, you will not have to worry about buying these products for years as your brows will be fresh for a long time. There is more than one option choose from with eyebrows looking to suit every individual depending on your preference. One way you can do this is through the ombre brow powder, which creates a fluctuating gradient of texture to look bold in the middle and fading out at the tail. By getting microbladed eyebrows, you can be confident your face will be looking absolutely fresh, ready to take out on the town.

The main takeaway

Microbladed eyebrows are a beauty trend that is not going anywhere in the cosmetic world. Women everywhere are on the “brow-se” for a brow treatment that is simple, durable, and actually works. You can expect a look that not only fits the vibe check but is a cheap and time-efficient solution, making sure you brows are on point every single day. This is a highly pivotal beauty treatment to add to your self-care ritual. Here you will have brows that won’t frown anymore.

Children inside a preschool in Craigieburn playing different musical toys.

Considering enrolling your bub in a preschool in Craigieburn? There are plenty of benefits for your little one getting to an early learning childcare centre. Getting a good quality education at the preschool in Craigieburn is vital to laying the right foundations for their education. Early learning centres prepare your child to make sure they are ready for when they go to big school. The first few years are vital to making sure they have good habits as their brain is developed at 90% by the time they start going to primary school.

Here are the various advantages of taking your child to a preschool in Craigieburn:

Improving socialization

By attending a preschool in Craigieburn, your little one will meet and speak to a group of children around the same age, all with their own personalities. Through this exposure will get them to develop skills in socializing being able to work with other children by making friends. By attending a preschool in Craigieburn, your tot will be able to develop social skills by being able to make friends by communicating and listening. This will help later down the track being able to know how to relate to others. Your child will also learn how to navigate any emotional issues along the way. Through going to a preschool in Craigieburn, they learn emotional resistance, which will be important when encountering a problem.

Practice in developing a routine

It is important to establish a routine early because they can develop good habits. By doing tasks such as taking off their shoes before going into the sandpit and washing their hands before and after meals, they will take these skills with them later in life. This will help them practice following the teacher’s instructions which will be good for when they go to big school. Developing a routine from the preschool in Craigieburn, will keep them calm, knowing what to expect and be familiar with the schedule for the day. They will be able to independently be able to conquer life skills such as dressing themselves and going toilet. The centre’s routine is structured through a daily program to make sure your child is able to develop autonomy.  

Gaining self-help skills

We make sure your child is ready for when they reach primary school through our school readiness program. We help them in developing life skills such as learning to tie their shoelaces, as well as pack their bag and lunch. By attending a preschool in Craigieburn, your child will develop self-help skills to be able to get to big school capable of attending to themselves. Through the schedule, your children will learn to achieve self-help skills such as going to the toilet by themselves and pack away after playtime.

Developing skills in numeracy and literacy

Literacy and numeracy are important skills to learn when attending big school. By attending a preschool in Craigieburn, your child will be able to advance over their peers knowing literacy by writing exercises, reading books, listening to stories, and learning their letters. Numeracy skills will be developing through recalling numbers, counting, writing, as well as through music class. It is important for your child to develop numeracy and literacy skills as it leads to the academic achievements of your child in their school career. It has been evidently shown that students who attend a preschool in Craigieburn get better results on English and Maths tests than those who don’t.

Attending a preschool in Craigieburn is significant to your little one’s learning journey. Your little one will confidently develop a variety of skills in socialization, cognitive, autonomy, numeracy, literacy, organisation. With all these skills, your little one is on their way to getting a good start for when they go to big school.

Blocked drains plumber in Canberra repairing the drain in the kitchen

If you are experiencing issues with your plumbing or heating or gas or water or any other home utilities, you need to contact a plumber. They should have the experience and know-how to be able to deal with any of your plumbing, drainage, or gas-fitting issues in Canberra. Since the most common issues are blocked drains and hot water systems, leaking and running toilets, as well as tapware reconditioning, the plumber should be well-versed in handling them. 

Plumbers in Canberra

Blocked drains plumber in Canberra is available 24/7 and charge upfront. “The cost of a plumber ranges from $175 to $450 for a standard work, with the average cost per hour varying from $45 to $200,” according to HomeAdvisor. Repairing faucets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs are examples of this. Some plumbers charge a flat rate or duty fee of $300 on average, depending on the job.” There are no hidden fees and you can ask the company to send you someone else if you are not satisfied with the service.

What services do plumbers offer?

We have compiled a list of possible reasons you might need to call a plumber.

Burst & Leaking Pipe

If you suspect that you might have a burst pipe, call a plumber. The plumbers mentioned in the list above are highly trained in locating and repairing burst pipework across Canberra.

Irrigation repairs

If you have hydroponic gardening or any other irrigation needs, plumbers can help you from installation to repairs and maintenance.

Gas Fitting

If you have moved into a new house or are suddenly facing trouble with gas fitting, call a plumber. They provide a full range of gas fitting services across Canberra including installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Hot Water System Repairs

Since hot water systems are so critical in our daily lives, it’s best to address minor issues before a major failure occurs, resulting in no hot water.

Pipe Relining

Both inspections, washing, and repairs may be done above ground, without the need to dig up your garden or house. Pipe relining is a simple and affordable way to repair cracked pipe drains. Drain or pipe relining is a service that relines the interior of your drain to produce a smooth inner surface and a rugged outer surface that keeps pesky tree roots out.

The relining sock is placed into the drain and then stretched out to fill in any holes, nooks, and crannies in the existing tubing. The dummy is then exposed to a special UV light after the sock has been expanded. After the operation, the relined segment will be twice as heavy.

Blocked Drains and Toilets

Drains or sewage pipes clogged? The plumbers listed above provide same-day drain washing, testing, and maintenance in Canberra 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plumbers will monitor the current state of your drains using a CCTV camera that runs the length of it. They will use this method of inspection to find any blockages as well as note defects, depths, and positions of particular issues.

High-Pressure Drain cleaning

Through high-pressure water jets, plumbers can clean your blocked drains. This technique is not only safe and effective but also has minimal environmental effects compared to store-bought drain cleaners. The purpose-built, high-flow water jetter can easily dislodge the majority of blockages while causing no harm to the drain’s integrity.

Roof and Gutter Leaks

If your roof or your gutter is leaking, you can call a plumber to analyze the situation and offer you a solution. If you leave it be, it can cause serious water damage to your internal property and roof.

British sweets

There are debates since the dawn of time regarding why British sweets are better than the rest. England has given the world many gifts over the years of a sweet and tasty variety. I have often wondered why tasty British sweets were so popular and well-known when the country is smaller than most on a map. It turns out there are a few incredulous reasons why the regal nation is so good at making tasty treats and why we should be thanking them for their service to our tastebuds.

1.     British Sweets have more of the natural goodness!

We all see the phrase ‘milk chocolate’ bandied about on the wrappers of candies everywhere, all of them claiming to have real milk chocolate layered through. Well, this is true…to a point. Turns out places like the USA have a minimum requirement of only 10% ‘real’ cocoa to be classified as ‘milk chocolate’. 10%, no wonder it’s so bitter. England invented Dairy Milk after all and being such a compact nation, has dairy farms everywhere. So that means that fresh milk and 20% cocoa go into their recipes which is why they taste far better than their overseas counterparts. There’s a reason it melts a little faster, it’s because it’s got all the deliciously decadent ingredients fresh from the farmer to the wrapper. A moment of gratitude to the grand nation for all the real dairy that resides in afBritish sweets.

2.     They invented the candy bar!

Yes, British sweets may not have been the first sugary snack in existence. However, respect where respect is due, in 1847 Mr Joseph Fry decided to take the cocoa liquid that was popular around Spain and with ancient Aztecs and formulate the very first candy bar. Before Joseph Fry, no one had thought about snacking on a chocolate bar, cheers to you Mr Fry, and to the British Sweets themselves. They may have not been invented in merry ol’ England, but they certainly perfected them. I don’t even have to stray too far to entice you further, they invented the Cadbury Milk Tray which has saved many, many last-minute valentine’s gifts. They also took care of making us salivate at the thought of a Cadbury Crème Egg, yes British sweets have given us many good reasons to treat ourselves.

3.     Two and a half words – Pick n’ Mix.

I forget how many British sweets I have consumed without realizing in my younger days. Who hasn’t finished school and snacked on a red cloud, a green and gold pineapple or the coveted strawberry ear? The ecstatic excitement of going to the pick n’ mix at my local supermarket is another reason why British sweets are in the top echelon of quality and nostalgia. Without the regal nation we would not have the after-school rush to grab the good ones before they were gone, or trading them off for a better seat on the school bus. The pick n’ mix is all around the globe of course, but with not nearly the same amount of variety, British sweets have a certain type of chewy goodness that no one can compete with.

These are but a few reasons to thank the land of kings and queens for their delightful contribution to the world of treats, they may have colonised the world, but to candy lovers, they colonised our hearts as well. Throughout the last year of lockdowns and anxiety, the warm embrace that came from the crunchy and tasty bars of comfort will not be forgotten. British sweets, we salute you.

trusted Melbourne catering services

When you hire a catering business, there is an abundance of packages to choose from depending on the kind of event you are trying to make. At IQ Catering, we provide high-end and premium quality catering services Australia has never seen before. We serve guests, catering to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Whether you have a home party, a bbq, to a birthday, we are able to offer multiple packages based on your personal preference. Here is what to expect from trusted Melbourne catering services, depending on the type of event you are managing.

Here is the lowdown on platter catering in Melbourne:

Home Party 

We all know it is important to make a good first impression – especially when it comes to a housewarming party. You are introducing your friends, family, loved ones, and acquaintances, the abode you have chosen to call your own. With that not only comes the quality of the house, but it also comes with the food too. In comes home party catering. With the help of a home party catering professional, you can be confident that your menu will make your guest salivate but improve the atmosphere of your house setting. IQ Catering recommends our private home-style options, which include cannelloni, frittata, lasagna, and quiche.

BBQ Family Event 

Is it Australia day? A nice hot day in the midst of Summer? If you’ve got a hopping BBQ family event to make, hiring BBQ Catering with Melbourne’s finest will sure to make you the family favourite. BBQ may seem like a simple task, but what you’re left with is missing out on the right quantities for your family, needing a variety of meats to prepare, and the intense clean-up of your bbq cooker. You won’t have to struggle with these debacles anymore, as BBQ catering works to speed up the process and, overall, ensure you have delicious and delectable meats to pass around at the barbie. We offer an extensive number of barbecue packages such as the brekkie option, backyard, and grill. You can even customize your own BBQ. For all you vegetarians and vegans, we have an impressive selection of salads to choose from, such as a Caesar salad, potato salad, Thai noodle salad, and a whole lot more. You won’t have to put on a shrimp on the barbie with the help of our catering services.  

Birthday Party 

catering services

Want to celebrate the big old day but without the hassle of the meal prep? There are many other areas to have to think about, including the guests, decorations, RSVPs, and many other aspects. You don’t want to have to spend time gathering the ingredients, cooking the meal, making sure it is arranged well and cleaned up afterward. With the help of catering for birthday, you will see that your party will be hopping as your food is incredibly prepared, cooked, and served. We provide an abundance of options, including buffet, BBQ, to even desserts, to make sure you are locked and loaded for any kind of birthday party you have in mind. Depending on your personal preference, we can “cater” to your specific needs.

The Takeaway 

IQ Catering provides the best and deluxe catering services Australia has to offer. We “cater” to a range of events such as a home party, birthday party, and barbecue. We have a variety of packages depending on the type of party and personal preference from your event theme. Depending on people’s allergies and dietary requirements, we offer a variety of different packages to suit all your guests. Here is a service that has a high IQ for sure.


Woman working in womens clothing store in Townsville

You can never go wrong with our women dresses. At Shop 194, we have an abundant variety of women dresses of all different styles suited to every and any occasion. Whether you need a gown to add pizzazz to your ensemble or a frock to easily don on in a matter of minutes, we have many stylish options for you to peruse. Here is a list of the best styles we have on offer in our womens clothing store in Townsville.

The five best styles in our women dresses section

Baby Doll

Here is a look that will have you saying, “ooh, baby!” The baby doll style is for a woman who is fun and forever young. The style originally was worn as a nightgown in the 1940’s to fix the fabric shortage issue and began to be worn as everyday wear in the 1960’s. The Haley Baby Doll in our women dresses section is to die for. With its ruffled sleeves, roomy fitting and material that is oh so gentle on skin, this gown can jazz up any look this outfit is thrown with. The baby doll style can easily make you look cute and comfortable all at the same time.


The Strapless style has no sleeves or straps tugging at your shoulders leaving you feeling carefree and fabulous. Popular in the 60’s, the piece became a widespread trend at a time that it was more acceptable to show a little skin. In our women dresses section, we have The Donna Mini Lace perfect for a night out on the town. Feel the weight off your shoulders with this breezy ensemble. Its chiffon material and layered look will ensure you are absolutely glowing with radiance. Strap yourselves in for a treat with this look!


Woman wearing a slip on dress

Slip gowns are so simple to slip on. You can easily look chic and cozy. The slip style is for a woman who is glamorous and full of life. Originally from the 1920’s, the style was first used as an undergarment under the outerwear and by the 90’s, became the outerwear itself. Our Isle of White gown from the women dresses section will have you looking gorgeous and glamorous. Don’t let it slip away!

Body Con

Need a look to show off all your curves? The body con style hugs around your waist to perfection accentuating your best figure. Popularised in the 90’s on the runaway, this style will have you looking like an Instagrammable model. The Sienna will make heads turn with its emphasized hourglass shape and ruffled details. Here is a gown nobody con ever forget.

One Shoulder

Here is an ensemble that is sexy but is subtle. The one-shoulder style was the quintessential 2000’s look and now it’s back baby. The Carlita from our women dresses section will have you glowing like the sun, shining on anyone in its vicinity. Its velvet material and stretchy fitting will have you feeling yourself. People will be looking over their shoulders at this killer outfit.

The takeaway

The selection in our women dresses section is to die for! Here is an abundant range of different styles suited for any kind of girl and for any kind of occasion.  Women dresses are the classic piece to wear to easily jazz up any look. With these styles, you will easily be able to look the most with the least amount of effort. You can rest assured that you’ll be looking absolutely spectacular when you don on one of these women dresses.