Woman working in womens clothing store in Townsville

You can never go wrong with our women dresses. At Shop 194, we have an abundant variety of women dresses of all different styles suited to every and any occasion. Whether you need a gown to add pizzazz to your ensemble or a frock to easily don on in a matter of minutes, we have many stylish options for you to peruse. Here is a list of the best styles we have on offer in our womens clothing store in Townsville.

The five best styles in our women dresses section

Baby Doll

Here is a look that will have you saying, “ooh, baby!” The baby doll style is for a woman who is fun and forever young. The style originally was worn as a nightgown in the 1940’s to fix the fabric shortage issue and began to be worn as everyday wear in the 1960’s. The Haley Baby Doll in our women dresses section is to die for. With its ruffled sleeves, roomy fitting and material that is oh so gentle on skin, this gown can jazz up any look this outfit is thrown with. The baby doll style can easily make you look cute and comfortable all at the same time.


The Strapless style has no sleeves or straps tugging at your shoulders leaving you feeling carefree and fabulous. Popular in the 60’s, the piece became a widespread trend at a time that it was more acceptable to show a little skin. In our women dresses section, we have The Donna Mini Lace perfect for a night out on the town. Feel the weight off your shoulders with this breezy ensemble. Its chiffon material and layered look will ensure you are absolutely glowing with radiance. Strap yourselves in for a treat with this look!


Woman wearing a slip on dress

Slip gowns are so simple to slip on. You can easily look chic and cozy. The slip style is for a woman who is glamorous and full of life. Originally from the 1920’s, the style was first used as an undergarment under the outerwear and by the 90’s, became the outerwear itself. Our Isle of White gown from the women dresses section will have you looking gorgeous and glamorous. Don’t let it slip away!

Body Con

Need a look to show off all your curves? The body con style hugs around your waist to perfection accentuating your best figure. Popularised in the 90’s on the runaway, this style will have you looking like an Instagrammable model. The Sienna will make heads turn with its emphasized hourglass shape and ruffled details. Here is a gown nobody con ever forget.

One Shoulder

Here is an ensemble that is sexy but is subtle. The one-shoulder style was the quintessential 2000’s look and now it’s back baby. The Carlita from our women dresses section will have you glowing like the sun, shining on anyone in its vicinity. Its velvet material and stretchy fitting will have you feeling yourself. People will be looking over their shoulders at this killer outfit.

The takeaway

The selection in our women dresses section is to die for! Here is an abundant range of different styles suited for any kind of girl and for any kind of occasion.  Women dresses are the classic piece to wear to easily jazz up any look. With these styles, you will easily be able to look the most with the least amount of effort. You can rest assured that you’ll be looking absolutely spectacular when you don on one of these women dresses.