Wondering what it is you can expect from a conveyancer in Campbelltown? Well, their role is to manage the legal transfer of property between owners, usually a buyer and a seller. There are a number of tasks that must be looked after during the property transfer process to ensure that legal obligations are met and that the ownership of a property is valid and a conveyancer in Campbelltown is responsible for undertaking these responsibilities.

How will the process work with your conveyancer in Campbelltown?

There are a number of key steps involved when transferring property in New South Wales, here are some of the steps involved:

Buying or selling property

In the early stages of buying or selling a property your main contact is likely to be the real estate agent that lists the property for sale and works with potential buyers. Real estate agents are responsible for managing the contract of sale for the home and when the seller accepts an offer on their home a contract is formed, usually subject to a few conditions. The conditions on a contract for the sale of a home usually relate to finance approval, inspections of the property such as termite inspections, amongst other conditions and agreements between the buyers and seller.

Nominating a conveyancer in Campbelltown

During the signing of a contract of sale, the buyer and seller are asked to nominate lawyer, settlement agent or conveyance in Campbelltown. Whilst the buyer and seller are not obligated to nominate someone at this point in time, it is usually recommended to ensure that neither party misses important compliance and payment dates under the contract.

Appointing a conveyancer in Campbelltown

Once you have selected a professional to look after the transfer of your property the real estate agent will arrange for copies of the contract to be forwarded to your conveyancer who will usually get in contact to send you the documents that you need to sign to confirm their appointment.

Your contract becomes unconditional

key being given to a couple

Once all the conditions of your contract are met the contract becomes unconditional.

Enquiries are made

Once a contract becomes unconditional your conveyance in Campbelltown will make any necessary enquiries to your local shire, Water corporation and strata bodies to get information about the property required for the sale.

Settlement preparation

Your chosen professional will create a settlement statement and make adjustments for rates and taxes so that the buyer and sellers are only paying for their period of ownership over the property. Before settlement, the buyer will perform a final inspection of the property. Your conveyance in Campbelltown will speak to financial institutions to confirm that all required documentation is in order before settlement occurs.


During the time of settlement, all parties involved in the transaction will meet to ensure that all the required documentation is in order and documentation will be exchanged for payment. The settlement can be conducted electronically by PEXA, which means there is no need for a physical meeting, documents are checked ahead of time and funds are transferred in real-time on the same day.

After settlement

Your chosen representative will notify the real estate agent that settlement is complete and the agent will make arrangements for the keys to the property to be delivered to the buyer, a breakdown of the fees, rates and taxes paid will also be provided to the buyer.


Do I need a conveyance in Campbelltown?

They are some appointed during the sale of the property to represents your interests and they know all the rules, regulations and penalties involved in the process – considering buying a property is such a large investment, it’s important to seek the expertise of a knowledgeable third-party to ensure the process runs smoothly.