Human Resource

As a young person, it can be hard to find your place in the working world. Even with all of the education that you went through and the training that you have done, you can still struggle to find good work in the places that you want to work for. Many places that are hiring can seem like the pay is too low for the amount of training that you have done, and the places that do pay well require a certain number of years of experience. Getting your HR career started through HR internships is a great way that you can get your foot in the door at the big companies that you want to work for and create opportunities for you that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

One thing that many people fear when they are thinking about going into an internship is pay and being taken advantage of. Here are a few things that you can do to avoid getting taken advantage of and secure yourself a solid future in the field of human resources.

Find HR Internships that Pay

Paid HR internships are becoming relatively common, and if you are still in school they can be a great way to earn a little bit of extra income while also getting experience in the field of human resources. If you are still in school, then unpaid HR internships are still an option, as you won’t have to worry as much about housing or food, but if you aren’t still in school, then finding a paid internship will get you a lot further and you won’t have to worry about picking up a second job just to get by.

Learn as Much as You Can

Young man got accepted for hr internships

Talking to the people at your internship is a great way to learn about how a company works and how you should deal with problems as they come up. Expanding your knowledge as much as possible is why internships exist, and if you take full advantage of your internship, then you will have a much easier time securing a full-time job at any company. Talking with your superiors and with people that work in the position that you want to work in is a great way to learn as much as you can about the job without doing the research on your own.

It should go without saying, but you should also learn as much as you can when you aren’t at your internship. Doing research online and learning the ins and outs of a company is incredibly important. Researching online and doing as much as you possibly can to educate yourself will only pay off. You shouldn’t stop learning until you have secured a solid position at a company, and even then you should try to continue your education to try and get the most pay possible.

Researching HR Internships

Finding HR internships for students is relatively easy to do, and there are likely some job postings around campus that you can find in order to land yourself an internship at a company. However, if you aren’t currently a student, there are less opportunities for you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking. Going to job posting sites and searching for internships is still a very valid way for you to land an internship position at a company that you would like to work for. On top of that, most campuses are open to the public, and you can go onto the school campuses to search for open internship positions, however, you might not have as much luck doing that if you aren’t a student.

Little kid inside a Punchbowl childcare centre

As the start of the school year begins, parents will be taking your children to preschool including our Punchbowl childcare centre. Make the most out of precious time with your precious ones by giving them fun activities to do over the weekend. These activities will get them out and about, keeping them curious and adventurous. These experiences will be the talk of the town with the children wanting to tell all their friends about it at our Punchbowl childcare centre.

Monkey Mania Bankstown

Pals of our Punchbowl childcare centre, Monkey Mania is a play palace for young children ranging from little tots to those of primary school ages. Whether it is for a birthday or for the children to have a good old time, Monkey Mania is the perfect venue to have a family fun day. With all the games and activities, the children must navigate in the big indoor playground, it will have them tuckered and tired for a nap giving you some peace and quiet at home just like a day at our Punchbowl childcare centre.

Flip Out Revesby

Group of children playing

Do you have kids that jump all over the place? Flip Out will provide an outlet from Punchbowl childcare centre to get the children up and moving with exercise but with all the fun trampolines can provide. With areas from toddlers to even adults, this amusement venue caters to all audiences allowing the whole family to have a happy time together.  This is a great way to encourage exercise for the children perfect for our munch and move program at our Punchbowl childcare centre. Have a go, you will flip out with how amazing it is.

Turbo Climb Bankstown

Want to get you and your children active but have a blast while doing it? Turbo Climb is an indoor climbing venue with over 20 walls to exciting climb. Located near our Punchbowl childcare centre, The activity can allow your children to develop fine motor skills being able to coordinate with their hands. Ideal for preschoolers to adults, create fun memories with the family that are snapshot worthy. This amusement will rock your children’s world!

Blaxland Riverside Park

Our Punchbowl childcare centre recommends Blaxland Riverside Park to take for a spin! There’s parks and then there’s Blaxland Riverside Park which is on a whole other level. With all the fun including a massive flying fox, swings, tunnel slides, climbing walls, tree house and a large water play area, this park will have your jaw dropping to the floor. For adults, there is an extensive walking trail for a quick stroll or bike ride. 

Sydney Zoo

Do your little ones need an in-person education on the animal kingdom? At our Punchbowl childcare centre, our program does cover activities on zoo animals depending on the children’s interests. This is the perfect way to test them out by taking them to the zoo to see it in real life. Pop in to see a cute meerkat scattering about the enclosure or even a kangaroo hopping about. You can even get the children to have animal encounter one on one such as petting camels.

There is an abundance of activities on offer for your young ones right near our Punchbowl childcare centre. From rock climbing to the zoo, there are a variety of experiences that you too can enjoy with your children. We advise to take photos as we would love to see them at show and tell in our Punchbowl childcare centre. Get going and start painting the town red!