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Making the decision to move into a retirement or care facility can seem overwhelming and complicated. It can be a complicated, emotional decision which is made no easier by the fact that these businesses can be confusing and the financial implications of moving into care can be difficult to determine. It’s important not to make any decisions without properly understanding the process and what it means for your finances. Making rash decisions can impact on your finances and your quality of life so it’s a good idea to seek aged care advice and make sure you properly understand the implications of moving into care. Aged care advice can help you to make the right choice for you and can help you to develop a good understanding of your financial position and what kind of costs are involve in care facilities. Getting aged care advice can help you to come to grips with your finances and make a considered decision that will best fit your finances, lifestyle and needs.


Where do I find aged care advice?

If you’re looking for aged care advice then a good place to start when look for an adviser is with the Department of Human Services which provides free information to help you make informed financial decisions. The service is totally confidential so you can be assured that your private financial information won’t be shared. This is a good place to start initially and can help you to understand your financial position and will help you to start to understand how the system works and how means-testing works.

If you’re looking for more detailed aged care advice and a more in-depth look at your finances or information on how to manage your investments, then you should visit a financial adviser. Financial advisers will be able to speak to you about investments and can help you manage wealth, plan your estate and can also give you information about managing funds or other financial products. When finding a planner or adviser to help you with aged care advice, make sure you find someone with experience in the sector who can give you the right information. Someone with knowledge of the sector will be able to explain how different facilities work, how costs are structured and will be able to help you find a provider that will be affordable for you and that will suit your needs.


What can they help with?

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Professional aged care advice can help you make the right decision for your own needs and for your estate as well. A good planner will work with you to identify different costs and make comparisons of different facilities. They will also speak to you about what suits you based on your financial position and will talk to you about whether or not you sell assets like the family home. They will also speak to you about government benefits like the age pensions and home care and can help you to take advantage of them.

Before you seek out a planner, you should try and get a good understanding of the different options available so that you are prepared with the questions you want to ask and an idea in mind of what your goals are. You might for instance want to think about whether or not you want to sell your home ahead of time as this will mean you’re ready to discuss the options that are most specific to your needs. You should also think about what your needs are and what you’d like to do with your estate.